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Welcome to the YUGEN LOVE Crystal Studio

We are so happy you’ve dropped by!

Our mission

To bring the beauty, healing and wonder of nature to you in the form of stunning raw Crystals and beautifully handcrafted Crystal products. 


What We Do?


To enhance your Crystal healing journey we also offer 1 hr Crystal (and Sound) Energy Balance treatments. Or for a quick Crystal hit we offer a 10 min Crystal consultation, to assist you in choosing the right crystals for you to use at home.


Who are We?

YUGEN Love owner, Marguerite O’Sullivan, has Gemstones in her DNA. As the granddaughter of a Professional Gold prospector she has always had a fascination with these beautiful natural objects. She started collecting crystals as a child and eventually began building a large  collection of over the years.  It wasn’t  just the gem stones’ beauty that captured her attention but also their therapeutic effects.


In 2018 Marguerite embarked on  Crystal and Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing training and became a Crystal and Sound Healing therapist.  She concurrently completed her Anusara Yoga Teacher training and started her own boutique Yoga Studio. She began incorporating Crystal and Sound therapy into her Yoga classes and received amazing feedback from her students.


 In July 2020 it became crystal clear  that it was time to focus purely on Crystals and so YUGEN Love Crystal Studio was born. As Marguerite continued to develop her love and appreciation of crystals, she began creating unique Crystal jewellery, enabling one to benefit from both their healing qualities along with their aesthetic beauty.